The first solo project of Alexandros Koxias hosted and curated by Esto Association on 27-30 Jan.

Based on Zuboff’s landmark book “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism”, the exhibition engaged with the concept of surveillance and how this is indissolubly connected with the new forms of power which are gradually being established in the last stage of capitalism.

[...] The very techniques of concealment used by governments and big companies are deployed in the Installation in a reverse condition of surveillance: using Google maps app snapshots, areas of interest in the Greek territory were recorded. By recognizing digital data as “accumulated human experience” as distinct from the prevailing perception of it as immaterial and harmless, 16 visualized digital compositions were made and applied in a symbolic way in flags and scarfs aiming to “direct gazes where one is not allowed to look”.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project, and everyone who came under the weather circumstances ︎

Special thanks to Eli Brown and Lydia Markaki for their help during the process.
All photos courtesy of Danae Panagiotidi.

Curated and hosted by Esto association

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