Ways of Mapping: Exarchia

A workshop that explores walking as a research method
to come up with unexpected urban narratives.

Date: 27-28 May, 12:00–16:00

Location: Esto Association, Zaimi 24

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This workshop is open to anyone who wants to explore a city and document their urban experience in the form of a map.


The workshop will start with a 30-minute lecture on mapping by the instructor, Natassa Pappa, to introduce concepts of mapping the urban experience on paper and inspire participants to seek and document their own angle of the city. Participants will walk around the city for one hour, to gather impressions by following the proposed research approaches, and will return to the workshop space to analyze and edit their findings.

> This creative session will be hands-on only, no laptop included.


Having organized the gathered content, participants will use the introduced references to experiment with visual narratives and unexpected ways of communicating their urban itineraries on paper. Any element of expression would be welcome, from typography and photography, to drawing and coding. No prior knowledge of design is required, participants could even work with only words.

> Use of a laptop is required.


A 70x100 cm poster.


The objective of this workshop is to work on editorial approaches and map-making.

  • how to approach an (unknown) city to contribute to a city guide map
  • how to wander the streets, so that the map will end up intriguing
  • how to design a mental map, an introduction to editing content
  • how to put everything under one coherent visual language

  • No prior design knowledge is required
  • Bring your own laptop (optional: with design programs)
  • This is not a workshop for technical skills, but about design theory
  • Language: Greek/English (depending on the participants)


Natassa Pappa is a publisher specializing in editions documenting the sense of place. After studying and working abroad, she has returned to her hometown, Athens, the city of chaos, happy coincidences and endless walking. With a background in graphic design, she has founded Desired Landscapes, a pocket-sized magazine reading into a diverse mix of cities through visual culture. She teaches design theory and runs walking tours focusing on visual culture, oral history, urbanism, and the vernacular.

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