Time Based Editions

TBE is an art project /

a series of books binding print to time, merging sound with paper.

We were commissioned to develop the visual identity and branding system as well as the website design and the photography of the first edition “Borderline Visible” by Ant Hampton
In order to experience  the books narrative you have to follow an audio link via a QR code that comes with the hardcopy.

The concept we besed our final design direction is the soundwaves that are created from the audio that is linked with the book. The typography is inspired by the pixelated shape of the QR code (VG 5000 by Velvetine type foundry) in a balanced combination of the regular version of ROM font (ABC Dynamo) that was used as a copy font for the book (designed by Roland Brauchli
A flexible color palette that can be used for the various applications and communication material (digital or print) coming form the events or each editions theme.


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© 2022 Esto Associaiton