Brand developmenent and e-commerce store for Thetis concept store in Glyfada, Athens.

Thetis (Greek: Θέτις [tʰétis]) is a figure of Greek mythology with various mythological roles. She appears mainly as a sea nymph, goddess of water or as one of the 50 Nereids, daughters of the ancient sea god Nereus.

The Thetis concept store is named after Nereid because of its location: it is located in Glyfada, a seaside area of Athens, but also because it makes a pun on the word "Theto" θέτω, which means place or define, representing the interior design values for the creation of a space.

Our ongoing collaboration with the Thetis concept store in Glyfada includes so far the development of the brand and the online store. For the concept, we tried to connect the ancient with the contemporary, the palette of Greek islands with the materiality of urban space, the large monolithic logo with modern and clean fonts.


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