December 2022

Critical Cartography Practices by Openfabric (NL/IT) + HRO (IT)

Project show of HRO and Open Fabric
Talk by Filippo Albertini, Giada Zuan, Konstantinos Venis
What are the territories that we need to navigate today?

PROVING GROUNDS is a multimedia research-based presentation that elaborates on terms such as contemporary migration, ecology and politics through architecture and landscape urbanism.

Openfabric (NL/IT), an international landscape architecture and urbanism practice based in Milan and Rotterdam and Hyperscapes Research Office (IT), an interdisciplinary collective operating as a spatial research and design agency, present their work and approach to planetary urbanization.

‘Migrating Mediterranean’ is a cartographic project by Openfabric which concentrates on depicting resources, migrations and landscape migrations. The cartography delves into the Mediterranean “continent”, identifying the agents of instability to convey that the background which we assume to be fixed, it’s in fact not. The project has been presented at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR).

'Hyperscapes Research Office', through visual and interactive footage, explores the emergence of territory as a field of design and examines a set of sites through which architecture can be questioned not only as an object but also as a medium and a result of complex processes and planetary entanglements.

Filippo Albertini, Francesco Garofalo, Giada Zuan, Konstantinos Venis

Curated and hosted by Esto Association, in collaboration with Openfabric Studio and Hyperscapes Research Office.
Photos by Danai Panagiotidi

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