Esto Association is based in Exarchia, Athens, and was founded in 2021 by Markela Bgiala, Niki Danai Chania and Konstantinos Doumpenidis. In 2022, Lida Markaki and Yannis Mantzaris completed the team, forming a creative association of artists, designers, and curators with multidisciplinary backgrounds. Also in 2023, part of the team will be working from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, giving us the opportunity to expand our partnerships to other countries.

Design for us is a medium to engage and address current societal, political, and humanitarian issues while at the same time working with clients on visionary commercial projects. Our expertise spans from conceptualization through execution and visual communication, allowing us to seamlessly guide and brand a project from it’s initial sketch to its final realization.

Emphasizing the transformative potential of design, we seek to showcase the myriad possibilities that artistic practices can unveil in addressing critical social issues. To this end, we prioritize collaborations with art initiatives, non-profit organizations and groups, and institutions while actively engaging with local communities.

Our team has collaborated in projects and exhibitions with Open Fabric Studio, Typical Organization, HRO Studio, Centrum Berlin, ANKAA NGO, Un.Processed Realities, and The Epigraphic Museum of Athens.

We have also  worked with clients such as COCO-MAT, KRAFT Paints, Thetis Concept Store, Krama Festival, Luisa World and State of Concept Athens.

Esto has been featured in various Greek media, such as Lifo Magazine, The Telos Society and Design Society.

Esto shifts between art, creative direction, curatorial and design practices. By continuously expanding the boundaries between disciplines, autonomous works, and commissioned projects, our services include:

Creative Direction
In the fields of strategy, art direction, photography, video, and graphic design, we translate the client's vision into a genuine concept that serves the requirements of the project.

Graphic Design and Visual Communication
We work on graphic and web design projects, as part of a whole branding strategy but also on individual projects.

Spatial Design
We work on creative projects ranging from commercial purposes, such as interior and retail design, to artistic spatial installations and exhibition design.

Object Design
We design and create 3D or physical objects, both for commercial and experimental, collectible or speculative reasons.

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IG: esto_association